Track Editor Status Update

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been stuck on a specific issue:  How to prevent menu ID conflicts between the DLL and EXE files of the track editors.  However, I believe I discovered a solution:  Don’t even try to prevent conflicts.  As it turns out, I overlooked the fact that MFC only sends messages to the “windows” that the messages are meant for.  This means that I don’t have to worry about allocating different ID ranges to different DLLs.  Oops!  Now for some more “fun” stuff.

For Sandbox 2, each course will have its own set of “layers” which you can use to make more complex geometry features for that course.  For the Chapman Track Creator, there will be only one set of layers for all courses.  The reason for this difference is because of the uniqueness of NR2003.  As far as I can tell, all moddable simulators except for NR2003 can share identical geometry between courses.  This means that there must be two-way communication between the EXE and DLL files, which will increase the complexity of the project slightly.

For the menu in the scene explorer, that has been reworked because of the changes to the scene objects.  You should still be able to create all of the stuff you need to make your track drivable and have scenery around it.  Testing of the new scene explorer system should begin shortly.  Once I’ve confirmed that everything is working, I’ll start working on the property window so that it can work with the new scene objects.