New Aero Package Thoughts

The Atlanta race was not a pack race like what I thought it might be, which is good.  And it also appears that the new aero package is good.  The spoilers for one look like they can actually do something to keep the car firmly planted to the pavement, as opposed to that thing they had last season that’s spoiler in name only.  So it appears that NASCAR is moving in the right direction for a change in this respect.

I don’t have much to say on this topic since I only watched a few laps of the race, but it looks like the new aero package can produce some good side-by-side racing, even though it seems like it favors the high line.  It also looks like the cars were able to go about 10-15 mph faster in the corners than with the low downforce package from last year.  NASCAR should have never lowered the spoilers on these cars.

I also just noticed by watching the replay that the spoilers used at Daytona were larger than last year, but not quite as high as the spoilers used at Atlanta.  I would like to see the Atlanta spoilers used at all the tracks.  One other thing I would like to see is the ride heights of the cars increased so that the cars don’t dig into the grass and getting damaged like what they’ve been doing.  There’s no excuse for the amount of damage that is caused by cars going into the grass.  Plus, the low ride heights often cause the cars to get stuck in the grass, which is also not good.