About Me

General Information

This is the official website of Timothy Chapman (TChapman500).  I am a Conservative Christian and Biblical Creationist from Virginia.  I like just about anything that has to do with science and engineering.  I am also an A+ certified computer technician.

General Views

I am generally conservatives on my views when it comes to the Bible, Christianity and politics, but there are some notable exceptions.  The Bible is the only authority that I accept on morality.


My iRacing username is “Timothy Chapman2” and I’m usually not active on the service.  I intend to renew my subscription on August 28, 2018 to check out the new updates for season 4.  I typically run only ovals.  I do not and will not consider iRacing a simulator as long as they have pit road collisions disabled.


You can contact me via email at timothychapman@tchapman500.com.  Or if you have an account on the forums, you can send me a PM there as well.