Track Editor Status Update

Over the past couple of months, I've been stuck on a specific issue:  How to prevent menu ID conflicts between the DLL and EXE files of the track editors.  However, I believe I discovered a solution:  Don't even try to prevent conflicts.  As it turns out, I overlooked the fact that MFC only sends messages… Continue reading Track Editor Status Update

Track Editor Module System

A little while ago, I decided to split the Chapman Track Creator project up into two projects.  One specifically for NR2003 called "Sandbox 2" and the other for the rest of the simulators called "Chapman Track Creator".  Because of this split I have now decided to use this blog to post updates that concern both… Continue reading Track Editor Module System

Biblical Inerrancy Doctrine Examined

Ever heard someone quote 2 Timothy 3:16 to say or imply that every word in Scripture was dictated by God?  They quote the verse as saying "All scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness [NIV]."  The "God-breathed" part is used to support the claim that every word in the Bible… Continue reading Biblical Inerrancy Doctrine Examined

The Real Teachings of the Pharisees

Wolves love to tell you that the Pharisees "forced" people to keep the "Old Testament" rules and regulations, but that Jesus "freed" people from these "oppressive" rules by "nailing them to the cross".  Now, as discussed in The Sabbath and Legalism, the Pharisees actually taught their own, human traditions while it was actually Jesus that… Continue reading The Real Teachings of the Pharisees

False Scriptures

Not everything in our English Bibles is scripture.  Some of it masquerades as Scripture and causes many to be deceived, even among those who claim to have discernment yet will not let their beliefs be challenged.  We're going to examine most of the examples that I know of (all of which are in the New… Continue reading False Scriptures