Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Semi-Victory for Life!

A few days ago, the United States Supreme Court finally overturned the unconstitutional Roe vs Wade decision that legalized the murder of unborn children nation-wide.  But this wasn't in the best way possible.  We'll get into that in a little bit, but first, let's talk about the good things that'll come out of this ruling.

While rape and incest are often used as excuses for murdering unborn children, the truth is that these reasons are the overwhelming minority of abortion cases.  Nearly all abortions are for the sake of convenience, where a woman wants to have sex, but doesn't want to live with the consequences of her actions.  Now, with murdering unborn children illegal is almost half the country, a woman is required to live with the consequences of her actions for at least the next 40 weeks.  After that, if she still doesn't want to raise her child, she can give it up for adoption, which should have been the case from the beginning, even in cases of rape!  Perhaps this will restore the very good cultural norm of marriage before sex, which is what Yahweh intended.

Of course, because some states have legalized murdering your unborn child, a woman who still doesn't want to live with the consequences of her promiscuity for the next 40 weeks will have to pay a lot of money in fuel to travel to a state that does allow such heinous acts of violence against children.  Upwards of thousands of dollars to travel up to a thousand miles to the nearest state that allows one to murder their unborn child!  Well, that would be the case if corrupt corporations weren't so eager to pay such travel costs when they "can't afford" to pay for what is actually good for their employees (eg: well-deserved raises).  I've got a solution to that evil:  If a woman goes to a state where murdering your unborn child is still legal, then arrest her for murder when she comes back after having done just that.  There shall be no excuse for murder!  None!

What about cases of rape or incest?  First off, the "incest" argument is complete nonsense.  The conflation of incest with rape is just another excuse for them to legalize the murder of unborn children.  And for cases of rape:  If the victim is married to another man, then the man who raped her is guilty of adultery and should therefore be put to death for adultery.  If the victim is not married, then the man who raped her should be required (at minimum) to pay for the upbringing of the child.  Ideally, the man shall be married to her for the rest of their lives, and shall never be allowed to divorce.  And the fact that the pro murder group would rather murder the unborn child instead of holding the man responsible for his actions tells you everything you need to know about that death cult.

Now, what did the Supreme Court get wrong in their ruling?  They ruled that the issue of abortion is for the states to decide on their own.  In other words, they ruled that the states have the right to legalize or criminalize the murder of unborn children.  While this is better than legalizing the murder of unborn children nation-wide, it's still wrong.  The Supreme Court must recognize abortion for what it is:  Murder!

By the way, one of the main justifications for legalizing the murder of unborn children is to claim that unborn children are not human.  The dehumanization of human beings is always used to justify the most evil acts imaginable.  And this is also the exact same tactic that the NAZIs used to justify the genocide and mass murder of the Jewish people.  And just like what happened before and during World War II, the people have been programmed to accept this dehumanization of human life as gospel.  Once people understand that the unborn child is a living human being from conception, there will be no more legalized abortions.  And those who perform or have abortions will be rightly called "murderers".

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Devotion to God is Not What You Think!

What does it mean to be "devoted to God"?  Does it mean going to every church service and special event, and spending hours per day reading the Bible, praying, and worshiping?  If you think that those things are signs of a person being devoted to Yahweh, you're wrong.

First, about the church services and special events.  What are their purposes?  If they are not to learn or do the will of God, then attending the event or service is a waste of time if your goal is to devote as much of your time as possible to Yahweh.  And if the service or event does something that is contrary to the commands of Yahweh, then you must not attend such a service or event.  Devotion in this case would be lovingly point-out that such an event or service is sinful.

What about reading the Bible, as you should be doing regularly?  If this is not accompanied by putting what you read into practice, then you're just wasting your time.  And what about prayer and worshiping?  If your prayers and worship are done in a manner that Yahweh has forbidden, then you are wasting your time.  In fact, if you refuse to put into practice what you have learned, even if you are not praying or worshiping in a manner that Yahweh has forbidden, then your prayer and worship are abominations (Proverbs 28:9)!  Also, if your "devotion" in prayer, worship, or reading Scripture becomes a ritual, then you have completely lost sight of the purpose of such things!

All devotion to Yahweh starts with learning his commandments and putting them into practice.  Abstaining from that which Yahweh has forbidden, and doing that which Yahweh has required.  For anything that Yahweh has not forbidden or required, you have the freedom to choose to abstain from such things, or to partake of such things.  After obedience comes motive.  All things done as devotion to the Lord must be done to glorify God.  For example:  When you go to help those in need, do you help to be praised by those that see you helping?  Or do you help out of love, and in the hope to be able to win them over to the Lord Yeshua?  Only the latter is devotion to Yahweh.

The best form of obedience is the type that comes from the heart.  In fact, this is what Yahweh meant when he said to love him with all our hearts.  See Deuteronomy 6, 10, 11, 13, and 30 to see that this is the case.  Yahweh doesn't want just obedience.  He wants obedience from the heart.  And this is what devotion to him starts with.  It ends by going above and beyond what he requires of us.  And that is not limited to simply praying, worshiping, reading the Bible, or going to all of the church services and special events.  In fact, those things are minor in comparison to, for example, helping those who need help.  Or if you are a teacher, devotion is teaching people how to live according to the will of Yahweh.  And of course, all devotion is doing these things by the faith that we have in the Lord Yeshua, and not out of fear of Yahweh's judgement if you don't do these things.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Bathsheba Tempted Nobody!

I'm sure you've heard the story about how Bathsheba was bathing on her roof, was seen by King David, and because of that she and David had an adulterous relationship, and Uriah (Bathsheba's wife) was murdered as part of a cover up.  And had Bathsheba not been bathing on the roof, David would have never seen her naked and never would have lusted after her and acted on that lust.  It's the classic story of what happens when a woman doesn't sufficiently cover herself.

Except that's not what happened.  And the interpretation of the events is completely wrong!  First off, Bathsheba was not bathing on her roof.  It was King David who was on his roof!  Bathsheba was likely bathing in a river, which would be the normal place to find someone bathing back then.  And it wouldn't matter even if she was bathing on the roof, because she is not the one who sinned!  Read 2 Samuel 12:1-4 very carefully.  Bathsheba is likened to an innocent lamb that was needlessly slaughtered.  This goes well with Deuteronomy 22:25-27, where God likens raping another man's wife to murder.  In other words, Bathsheba wasn't willing.  She was forced!  And all of the blame goes squarely on King David, who forced her, and then murdered her husband.

So, what if Bathsheba was bathing on the roof?  Why doesn't she get blamed for anything?  Because that's not how lust works!  Ignoring the fact that a river (the typical place to bathe back then) is a public area where many people could be bathing together at the same time without any gender or age segregation, lust is simply desiring to have something (or someone) that does not belong to you.  It is on each person to control their own desires.  And "immodesty" does not cause lust, as demonstrated by the numerous examples in the Bible of men getting into trouble concerning women without the woman's clothing (or lack thereof) ever being brought up.  For example, in Genesis 34.  But why let facts get in the way of doctrine?

You might object, saying "didn't David commit adultery with Bathsheba because he saw that she was beautiful to look at?"  Obviously the answer is yes, but her lack of clothing in this one instance still changes nothing.  And the fact that both men and women were made in the Image of God, without any clothing whatsoever (Genesis 2:25), and that God called everything he made "very good" (Genesis 1:31), it's pretty clear that women are designed to be beautiful in the eyes of men, regardless of their clothing or lack thereof.  Likewise, God designed men to find women beautiful to look at, with or without clothing.  So it is not sinful for a man to look upon a woman and find her beautiful, even if she has no clothes on.  What is sinful however, is for the man to desire to have his neighbor's wife as his own wife, or to desire to have sexual relationships with his neighbor's wife.  It's also sinful for a man to actually have sexual relationships with his neighbor's wife.  And it is sinful for the woman to be willing to have the adulterous relationship.

What about the issue of temptation then?  If Genesis 3 is anything to go by, it is wrong to deliberately cause someone to sin.  But temptation to commit sexual sin at the mere sight of an unclothed female body is a modern day conditioning of society, as already pointed out here and elsewhere.  And it all starts with the incorrect view of the human body, which is the view that the human body is obscene and not fit to be looked at.  It ends with a realistic, Biblical view of the human body, that it is the very good image of God, which is designed to be seen.

Change of Heart, Change of Style

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