Sunday, August 7, 2022

Scripture is Not a Script

Have you ever heard the claim that the Bible is a script?  As in, like a script for a movie or play?  The reasoning for this claim has to do with the fact that the Bible is also called "scripture".  And "scripture" minus "ure" is "script".  Those making the claim either (a) didn't do their research into the origin of the word "scripture" or (b) are deliberately making false claims in order to discredit the Bible.  Because the word "scripture" is derived from the Latin word "scriptura", which literally means "writing".  The word "scripture" has nothing to do with scripts.

There is a globalist plot to replace Christianity with Atheism, so we can't be so naive to say that these people simply didn't do their research.  And this type of claim has all of the signatures of being a coordinated deception campaign or a part of a larger coordinated deception campaign.  Such campaigns by the way, are why the scientifically bankrupt fairy tale of evolutionism is still taught as scientific fact, among other things.  Such campaigns are also much, much older than the Biden admin.  Biden just made it obvious that it exists.

So anyone with internet can look up the origins of words for themselves and see that the word "scripture" comes from the Latin word for "writing".  But what if we actually read the Bible and use our God-given critical thinking skills to see what the Bible actually is?  A careful readthrough of just Genesis will reveal that the Bible is a historical account.  Genesis itself starts with a historical account of the origins of the Earth, and everything in, on, and around it; and the origin of all living things including mankind.  In fact, Genesis through 2nd Chronicles is all historical documentation.  And Matthew through Acts is also historical documentation.  There are also other books in the Bible that are historical in nature, such as Jonah and Esther.

We will also find songs and poetry in the Bible in various books.  The most notable place for these is in the book of Psalms.  There's also numerous books containing wisdom, such as Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the epistles of the Apostles.  There are also the books of the prophets, such as Isaiah and Jeremiah (Jonah counts too, but is more historical in nature).  These prophecies have a 100% fulfillment rate, which is unmatched by any other document.  All prophecies in the Bible (often made hundreds or thousands of years before their fulfillment) have been fulfilled at their appointed time exactly as they have been prophesied!

The globalists don't want you reading the Bible, so they will make up anything to discourage you from reading it.  This includes the claim that the Bible is a script.  If you read the Bible, you will find all the above things that I mentioned to be true, and more.  Because the Bible is also the written record of what Yahweh, the creator of all things, has said.

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